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Home Broadband Solutions based in Co Wicklow 

My name is Gavin Duffy and at Home Broadband Solutions we optimise the performance of your current Internet Service Provider, where we maximize your Wifi range within your home and eliminate dead zones around the house.

We can service external buildings where your wifi has never reached before.

Home Broadband Solutions offer solutions and consultation on FTTH installation issues. We also offer one off payment TV service with 100s of stations with no broadband required.

We run wifi access points so your entire home has reliable access to your modem, including ethernet cables to hardwired PC's, laptops, consoles and TVs.

We provide bill free TV service with 100's of channels.

Get the maximum potential and performance from your Internet Broadband Provider and get real total wifi coverage around your home today.

Please note we are not an ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Contact: Mobile Number 087 6003121 or Email: homebroadbandsolutions@gmail.com

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Home Broadband Solutions

Home Broadband Solutions

Home Broadband Solutions

Products & services

If you've tried links and repeaters but still have issues getting wifi around your house we are here to help!!

We can help you access your wifi in your shed, garage or granny flat!! Don't lose all your speeds from gizmos.

Why pay for good broadband if you can only access decent speeds in certain parts of your home.

Our Services Include :

  • Wifi networking around house, hardwiring access points PC consoles etc, highlighting problems with tp links and mesh systems.
  • Running cables and access points to external buildings, garages, granny flats and close by buildings.
  • Solutions for people who are eligible for Fibre broadband but installation has failed due to ducting issues and tree trimming.
  • Moving cables from overhead to underground
  • TV service Saorview and Freesat.

Call Home Broadband Solutions today @ Mobile Number 087 6003121

Products & services

Products & services